Flipboard for iPhone, news with a swipe

The news was everywhere yesterday, but I held off till I now see a issue I was having was fixed with a second update last night. Now… Flipboard is on the iPhone, it is about time!!

I am happy that they waited if they were taking their time to do the Flipboard interface right. While the news reader is similar to the very popular iPad version, it has a few differences that make it a true iPhone app.

Same are the boxes on the overview page, one for each of your feed streams. The box is a image from one of the latest stories in the feed. And, when I say feed, I mean a very long list of news and information sources can be used along with Facebook, Instagram, and you can enter your own favorites. Choose the red ribbon in the upper right corner to see the Flipboard’s included list or put in your own.

Flipping through the news feed overview is a swipe up or down. The iPad version, with it’s much larger available screen is side to side. When you see one that you check regularly or has a image that intrigues you, tap it to see the first story from the provider.

Then, swipe up/down to work from story to story. When you need more of the story to read or share the post with others, tap the lower edge of the screen to be given those options.

If you do own a iPad also, this update to make Flipboard a universal app offers to sync between your iOS devices. This means that you only have to choose your feeds list once and have it available on all the time.

Being a fan of Instagram, I should mention that if you add your Instagram account as one of the news feeds, you can ‘like’ a photo from within Flipboard when swiping through the photos.