Evernote’s way to swap Business cards using your iPhone

The folks at Evernote aren’t happy with just helping us with all of our daily notes and the ability to share those across the ‘cloud’. Now, they have released ‘Helllo‘, an app for collecting and retrieving people’s contact information. With it’s own ‘Evernote’ twists.

I have been a long time, and very happy user of ForgetMeNot. An iPhone app that lets me tag people’s contact with something I noticed about them. Then, later, I can find the person with that token of info I remembered. “That VP I met in the NY office with black curly hair”… since that is how we talk about someone when we forget their name.

Evernote’s Hello doesn’t offer that… I was just setting a standard of ‘for pay’ app vs ‘free’ app. With Hello, you get a central place to have people’s contacts, viewed through a screen of their faces. So, it works particularly well when your around people that don’t mind having their picture on their iPhone.

Launching the app, it asks you to tell ‘Hello‘ about your Evernote acct so it can sync the collected contacts to your other devices. Then, you enter your own personal information.

The next time you meet someone you want to exchange ‘business’ cards with. You hand them your iPhone with Hello open and they enter their information. Hopefully, when they get to the screen to take their image, they do. But, if they choose not, they can just pass over it.

Every time you launch ‘Hello‘, it syncs to your Evernote account. A couple of extra features is that you can have the Geo location remembered and you can associate the app to your calendars so it can alert you what day you may be near a contact. All very interesting features… sure hope they add a way to tag a person so I can find them later as the ‘Lady with the big yellow hat’.