Hipstamatic iPhone Camera updated with new lens, film and flash

Just in time for the holidays comes the Foodie SnapPak! (Example images added to the bottom of this post)

Sadly, I don’t have a turkey ready to show you the effect at this time of the morning, so there are no examples of the pack in action yet… but food shots are what we do at this time of the year so it’s timely.

The new ‘Foodie SnapPak‘ is the Loftus lens, DC film and Pop flash… bundled together for “tasty culinary masterpieces”. Like the previous packs, this is available for in-app purchase once you have the Hipstamatic app loaded onto your iPhone.

The developers of Hipstamatic have not made examples of each of the items in the Foodie Pack available yet either. Like previous packs, soon after their release you can go in and see a few shots taken so you know how your turkey, stuffing and ham sandwich photos will look when you use the pack. I will see how it works on pizza… true holiday leftovers.

A few shots I took with Hipstamatic on my iPhone 4s. I forgot about the lever around the edge of the lens to adjust the quality so these three shots are done in the Standard mode (600×600). Three levels are available.

Updated with images using the Hipstamatic Foodie SnapPak:

This image is using the included Loftus lens and DC film… note the border included with this pak.

This is the same items with the Hipstamatic Foodie SnapPak flash Tasty Pop turned on.

This is Luna… flash not on. I thought of her and the Foodie SnapPak since she was waiting for food!