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Create and Test your great app idea simply by drawing it

I posted recently about a fun iPhone pad that had a sticky notes of paper the size of an iPhone screen. Like I said, great for fun not taking, as well as serious app screen layouts. Just when I thought the handy tool had a long term place in my workflow, I stumbled on a kickstarted project for a one better for those that are looking to make their app idea an reality.

The project is AppSeed. The best projects are those that make things look so simple because they have the users side covering all the hard work going on in the background. In this case, sketch iPhone screens of your app idea on a pad or whiteboard, then snap photos of those screens with your iPhone using AppSeed. The software separates all of the elements, which means the box that is a drawn button is a push button and the map is a map, etc… Since each item is a element of it’s own, it can be moved around. Actions can be assigned to each element. But using AppSeed, a person should be able to see how their app idea will flow before anyone ever creates a single line of coding.

appseed screen

Your creation can be shared with other people as an HTML5 prototype. Also, your screens can be exported from the iPhone app to Photoshop to replace drawn element with your final art. There is only a couple days left to get the AppSeed Kickstarter pricing.


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For designing the next great iPhone app, or just fun note taking

Ever have a great idea and not do anything about it? I have a lot of them, enough to fill up several notebooks. Then, when someone does one of the idea, I compare if it is as I would have done it or did they have a bigger vision. Usually, I find that people put out a lite version of what I was thinking, but they got it done and available for all to use.

One of those ideas, but I’m happy to say ‘done well’ is a notepad that mimics an iPhone screen. No, not those pads that have the home button and speaker part of the iPhone printed on the pad. I always wanted just the screen part of the iPhone to draw design idea, but still have the frame around the paper, not part of the drawing area. So, someone can see just what I’m talking about for the UX, not all the extra area around it, confusing the message. My thinking is that the frame may change so design without the need to be in a round or square outer body. Who is to say what the next iPhone hardware will be around the screen.

Oh yea, the solution I found. They are called Sticky Jots Mobile Kit. While you can order bits and pieces, the ‘kit’ for $20 comes with:

1 Mobile Base + 2 Mobile Sticky Pads + 1 Storyboard Sticky Pad. There are 50 sheets per pad. Each Mobile pad has a handy dot grid pattern for easy sketching. Each base is made out of chipboard.

If you aren’t in the need to design the next great iPhone app, the unit is still fun to pull out of your shirt pocket to jot down a quick note using a real pen.

Sticky Jots Note Pads


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iPhone 5S Protection Is Already Rolling Out!

Did you order a iPhone 5C? Perhaps, waiting on the iPhone 5S later this week. I will be picking up the 5S as my contract is up, I do a lot of photography with the iPhone, and that fingerprint unlock is very cool.

In anticipation of the iPhone 5S devices shipping from Apple, the accessories emails have started rolling in. Mostly, cases. I will be starting out with a colorful protective screen. After a bit of time with the device, I should have a better understanding of just how much case protection I may need. Meanwhile, I’ll keep this page up-to-date with the cases and deals I find along the way.

Skinit has vinyl ready to go for the 5S. Both their creative designs or you can customize (picture below is showing the 5 but the 5S format skins are avail too):

iPhone 5 Skins

Griffin Technology has iPhone 5s/5c cases in stock and shipping now!

iSkin has a variety of wrap around cases already appearing on their site.
iPhone 5 S protection

Scosche has the sugarDADDY for the 5S and 5 – though the page shows ‘out of stock’ so either really popular or not actually shipping yet.

sugarDADDY by scosche


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Dodo brings the iPhone and a writing paper booklet together into one nice pocketable package

As hard as I try, I am not able to replace all of my paper needs with my iOS devices. The negatives of paper notes is that they are hard to share and previously created notes are hard to carry with me everywhere. But, the iOS screens still don’t have the precision of a fine tip pen on a pad of paper.

Dodo, the folks known for their wood framed iPad cases, has done a nice job of letting me take a pad of paper and my iPhone with me as a single unit, without the bulk of a big folio case. I’m not talking a about a little pad of paper with rip out pages, rather the Dodo solution is a stitched booklet that is nicely sized to be able to write on with a pen. To tie the an iPhone to a booklet of paper, a second layer of card has been added to the cover and a band to hold the two together.

01 Dodo iPhone5

04 Dodo iPhone5

The booklet has the classy touch of a ‘please return me to’, I hope if I do loose this it is only the pad and not the pad/iPhone together! The paper is thick sheets in a slight tint to it which is always easier to scribble on than bright white.

03 Dodo iPhone5

The iPhone 5 is held tightly in the cut-out area with the yellow elastic band. Sliding in and out is snug but not uncomfortable. Interesting, I am using the pad more with my newest version iPad Touch. The touch is used at the office, delivering me appointment reminders, email and text message over the wifi network. The band is still tight enough to hold the Touch in place, and the pad is handy for those quick hallway thoughts. I then photograph the pages and shoot them off to my Evernote account. It all works together nicely.

07 Dodo iPhone5


08 Dodo iPhone5


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Clear, Shake to email todo list

Remember the task manager Clear? It shook up the world with it’s unique user interface for creating and managing ToDo lists. Tap to add a new item, tap/hold to drag and re-order, swipe across a task to delete it, or swipe the other direction across a task to mark it ‘done’. Or course, a bunch of other developers have mimicked the todo list apps. Others, used the inspiration to carry the minimalist (yet, still usable) interface onto other apps like calendar and clock apps.

01 Clear for iPhone

Clear has been updated to keep us happy till the promised New Version appears. First is the shake to email a list. It is just that simple, when on a task list, just shake the iPhone. You will be asked if you want to email the list, just to be sure you where just shaking your iPhone overexcited about a task. Next, a outgoing email appear, ready to be addressed and sent.

02 Clear for iPhone

If your sending the list to someone who owns Clear on their desktop or iPhone, there is a link at the bottom of the email to import the list into the app. Otherwise, the list is just a colorful read only graphic.

03 Clear for iPhone

If you dive into the settings area, you will see that Clear now has a few extra template colors to choose from. It’s the little things that help make a list all yours.

04 Clear for iPhone


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