Water proofing the iPhone 5 with Survivor Protection

You may remember my earlier mentions of the Griffin Technology Survivor case. I did a bit of a drop (bouncing down two flights of stairs) test with my old iPhone 4 when the case first came out. Recently, the case was updated with mix-and-match colors to customize as you like.

01 orig survivor

But, this post isn’t about ‘that’ Survivor. Instead, this is about the new Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case. Griffin Technology now has two super cases for the iPhone 5. The case is not as robust (read: big) as the earlier Survivor. It is also see through and all buttons are usable without having to open protective doors for access.

02 new survivor plus

The case “is submersible down to 10 feet but functional enough to use every day“. I have mine on order to give it the once through, but already like the more ‘fun’ look. Instead of layering like the original Survivor, the Survivor + Catalyst, the front/back snap together with snaps on the side that pull the halves tight against the seals. So far, it looks like the case comes in a black, blue/green and red option.

03 new survivor waterproof

Missing Google Maps on your iPhone? Now available as a free app!

I wont get in the middle of the whole Apple Maps vs Google Maps. The reality is, Apple Maps does some really cool stuff, but it has had enough problems it would be realistic to say it may have been better to wait a bit before making the ‘built in’ map. Many posts on sites around the world have stated their life could return to normal if they only had their Google Maps back on their iPhone.

Happy days for those Google Map fans, the app is back as a free download on iTunes. While the feature list between the new Google Maps app looks like the features we used when it was a built-in app, the look is more simplified.

01 Google Maps

The graphic slider on the lower right corner of Google Maps will reveal the view options.

02 Google Maps

Choosing what info you wish to see on the map, Traffic is handy as is Public Transit. Satellite gives Google’s famous graphic view of everything around you as you drive.

03 Google Maps

Google Maps offers directions for driving, riding a bus or walking.

04 Google Maps

The feature list from Google:

* Find addresses, places and businesses around the world with Google local search.
* Discover places to eat, drink, shop and play, with ratings and local reviews.
* Sign in to sync your searches, directions, and favorite places between your computer and your phone.

* Get voice guided, turn-by-turn driving directions.
* Find your way by train, bus, subway or walking directions.
* Access live traffic information in cities across the world.

Street View and imagery
* View 360-degree panoramas of places around the globe with Street View.
* See inside more than 100,000 businesses worldwide.
* View high resolution satellite imagery of locations around the world.

Simple and easy to use
* An entirely new Google Maps experience on your iPhone.
* Newly designed and streamlined interface for even easier navigation of your world.
* Use gestures to explore the map and browse results.

Quick view of advanced weather information on the iPhone with VyCloud

I have a tendency to gravitate to app that have light ‘clean’ user interfaces. Ones that have thought through just what information is needed so I can get in and out of the app, job done without extra swipes and taps.

A few weeks ago, I noticed I really needed more weather information than just the temps and an icon showing if it was raining on my head or not. Not as much info as the major weather providing company’s apps where you tap-tap-tap to radar and advanced forecasting. There must be a happy middle ground.

Amongst a folder full of installed weather app options, one I seem to be using more than others is VyCloud. Launching the app, I have access in a single colorful view of the current temp, wind, weather, high/low, sunrise/sunset times, hourly graphic of temperatures, and even an animated center area showing sunrise, daytime, sunset, night… and the weather too.

Swipe up on the screen to view more detail about the next few day’s weather. Again, VyCloud has quick-to-understand graphics so you know if the week will be getting warmer or cooler without having to read and analyze numbers.

Swipe to the right for a overview of more info that is handy but not always needed. The filling in of the line shows a percent for a glance rather than having to always read numbers.

Swipe the main screen to the right to choose a city to view. You can choose which cities to have quick access to. VyCloud also offers a list of 100 popular cities around the world via the ‘globe’ icon. You can use this view for a quick look at that city temperature, or tap one to be taken to the overview screen covering the advanced info. Quick in and out… the colorful graphic views make the additional information easy to see and use.

Dwight Eisenhower on the iPhone to help better manage getting done what is important

There are those that sit down with a lit of task items for the day and just start working through them. Other folks find their day works better by working a couple todo line items at a time, shifting when progress on one is slowing. Still others stare at their long list of things to get done for the day and stall at which to do first and how to get started… usually loosing out to the coffee machine for another cup of coffee while they start to feel overwhelmed.

Eisenhower, the President, had a way of dividing up his tasks into four groups. The ones that needed to get done now, the ones that should be put off for a future time (maybe needing other things to get done first or other individual’s time), there are tasks best left to delegate to others and finally there are tasks that really don’t need to be done by you at all. Take a quick look over your task list for today with those four groups in mind.

Now, the trick is to move all tasks into one of the four groups. Then, divide the Do First group into smaller bites, say 8 as a max. Work the smaller list of Do First todo items and see the list shrink. Everyone feels better when they can dive right in, getting things done, especially when items start getting knocked off the list as ‘done’!

You can start doing the process with a pad of paper, or… to make it easier to take anywhere with your, there is an app for that. Simply called ‘Eisenhower‘, the iPhone app lets you divide down your work to what you can actually get done, removing the clutter or tasks best left for later or not done and all. For a bigger view, there is a free Web site version too, but I’m pretty mobile so having the Eisenhower app in my pocket makes more sense. Though, the Web site does sync to the iPhone via the Cloud so there isn’t a need to use only one or the other.

For those important, must concentrate tasks, Eisenhower offers a 30 minute countdown timer so there is no need to keep an eye on the clock to watch for progress. Tasks in the future can be added to the iPhone’s calendar and Delegating is made easier via the built in email task option,


Grab a great case for your new iPhone 5 and get 20% off!

Did your iPhone 5 arrive today? Did you wait in line to get one? Maybe, it’s in the mail and will arrive in the next couple weeks. Any way your getting your hands on it, being so hard to get means you may want to protect that new technology.

This weekend only, Griffin Technology is offering 20% off. Griffin Technology has iPhone 5 cases in stock and shipping now! Use code IPHONE5 to save 20%.

The first is the Minimalist, creamy-smooth, extra-thick reinforced silicone cladding that wraps around the back and edges.

The full line of colors for the Griffin’s Survivor Extreme-Duty Case are available. Designed and tested to meet or exceed US Department of Defense Standard 810F.

Survivor is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock-absorbing silicone. A built-in screen protector seals your Multi-Touch display from the outside environment, while hinged plugs seal the dock connector, headphone port, hold switch and volume controls. A detachable heavy-duty clip secures your iPhone to a belt or bag strap.

The last Griffin Tech case to mention is the Wise Eyes. I left the ‘fun’ for last. Made of durable polycarbonate, this case will give your iPhone 5 a bit of personality on the side without the screen.

Griffin Technology has iPhone 5 cases in stock, Use code IPHONE5 to save 20% site-wide all weekend, AND get free shipping on orders over $29.99!