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Dragon Dictation cuts out the middle man

Dragon Dictation has updated their free app/service. Of particular interest to those that use the app for quick adds. I had mentioned before that the app is pretty handy for updating text in emails and social services while you drive… look ma, no typing and driving.

The new version removes the need to cut/paste from Dragon Dictation into your seperate Facebook or Twitter app. Now, there is a button for that as an option from the screen that translated the speech to text. Language translation is there too, handy, if you need to post comments other than your spoken word.

Sending Messages

When you are ready to send text content, tap the icon on the lower right of the screen and select how you want to send your message:

Email: Launches your email client and inserts your composed text into a new email message

Text: Launches your text messenger client and inserts your composed text into a new text message.

Copy: Copies your Note to the iPhone™ clipboard.

Facebook: Launches Facebook and inserts your composed text into the Facebook status bar.

Twitter: Launches Twitter and inserts your composed text into the Twitter status bar.


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