Boinx Software Knows I’m a Sucker for Fun iPhone Photo Apps

If you have been here before, you know how much I like using the camera on the iPhone. Then the many app options to touch up those photos. TiltShift, color tuning, wide view, pop art and the list goes on… there is so much a person can do without ever leaving their iPhone.

Boinx Software gave a heads up Friday that they had a fun new photo app that I shouldn’t be able to live without. Interesting enough, it looks cool, works pretty well, but I have yet to find a spot to use the results outside of the just plain ‘a lot of fun’. The results of the app, You Gotta See This, looks like a pile of individual pictures that overlap. Looking at the full pile as a single image you see a fun bigger picture of what you saw in person. Thus, the result is fun to share with others since it shows more than one picture would without having to sweep through a bunch of pictures to get the ‘big pictur’.

The app works by taking a bunch of pictures on it’s own as you move the iPhone around. You Gotta See This does this by taping the power of the iPhone 4’s built-in gyroscope. All you do it move the iPhone around and the app is smart enough to know how things join together.

Don’t mind the below picture being out of focus, it’s me moving while trying to get a screen shot. Tapping the ‘camera’ button starts and stops the recording. The ‘settings’ option in the lower right corner is for choosing which camera to use and if you want the flash active.

When you have ended the recording via the ‘camera’ button, You Gotta See This sews the images together quickly so you have a single image of overlapping pix. At the bottom of the image you can see indicators of which background and view of the images you have chosen. Sweeping through, the app lays the images onto the background for that theme… several have the images not over the top of each other… so your output can mimic the mood of where you are. Don’t like the result, tap the camera back button on the lower left corner to go back to try again.

Sharing your creation can be done directly from within the app. Taping the ‘share’ option in the lower right  corner. You can save your creation off as a single picture in your Camera Roll, send directly to Twitter, Facebook or in an eMail.

Here is a final single image from the Camera Roll.

The app does exactly what Boinx Software said it would. There was a couple hickups early on with a ‘camera already in use’, the preview showing a blank screen rather than what I was looking at and save image only being a couple of the pics from the stack. All of these app to have been cleared with a restart of my iPhone 4 which leads me to believe that the developers are using the full power of the iOS and available memory. Since I have not had an issue since the initial install, I’m pretty happy with the power You Gotta See This brings my picture taking habit. Now, I’m looking for the perfect situation that needs this effect… fun.

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