Many times a app update bring it back to the front of my list to play with on my iPhone. Color Splash is a great example. They added a few items that I will find useful, but the overall app is great as it is. The idea is that you can selectively color or gray areas of your photo. Your not adding color, your allowing the colors in the photo to come through. The above picture was a quick snap out my back door, dropping out all of the color except the sky really changes the feeling of the picture. If the trees had been much greener, I would have most likely had them show up in color too.

When you import an image into Color Splash, you can zoom in and out to get to the detail level you desire. The image is automatically converted to gray, then you choose the area you want to be colored.

When ‘coloring’ you have two choices of how thing appear to you to see your progress. You can have the color show through of you can have the color area show up as red, then flip to the natural color when your done. The red it much easier for fine detail since a lot of time it is hard to distinguish between a light color and area you want to leave gray.

The buttons along the bottom of the editing area are for zooming in/out and moving around the picture, allowing color to come through and ‘Gray’ puts an area you ‘colored’ to go back to gray… needed when your going for fine detail.

Zooming in, you can get down to the pixel level to get into the little corners.

When your done, you can safe your Color Splash work as complete or save it to pick up later where you left off. A extra cool item is that you can have the photo auto revered – gray and colored area. This is handy if going for a different effect later or where it is easier to see to color an area you want dark.

New In This Version

– support for iOS 4 fast app switching
– high resolution graphics for the iPhone 4’s Retina display
– user interface improvements
– using Facebook’s new larger image size when uploading
– Twitter sharing feature now uses the OAuth protocol
– bug fixes and performance improvements