You may remember my earlier mentions of the Griffin Technology Survivor case. I did a bit of a drop (bouncing down two flights of stairs) test with my old iPhone 4 when the case first came out. Recently, the case was updated with mix-and-match colors to customize as you like.

01 orig survivor

But, this post isn’t about ‘that’ Survivor. Instead, this is about the new¬†Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case. Griffin Technology now has two super cases for the iPhone 5. The case is not as robust (read: big) as the earlier Survivor. It is also see through and all buttons are usable without having to open protective doors for access.

02 new survivor plus

The case “is submersible down to 10 feet but functional enough to use every day“. I have mine on order to give it the once through, but already like the more ‘fun’ look. Instead of layering like the original Survivor, the Survivor + Catalyst, the front/back snap together with snaps on the side that pull the halves tight against the seals. So far, it looks like the case comes in a black, blue/green and red option.

03 new survivor waterproof