The title to this was difficult to come up with so you would understand this free app. Push the Page is an app which allows you to send a URL from your desktop/notebook to your iPhone or iPad. Use it when you find a site about a place your about to visit or will need quick access to the page when your on the move.

The app works via a bookmarklet in your desktop computer’s browser. When our on a page you want to view later on your iPhone, just tap the button. The page is sent out through your Google account (developer used the Google AppEngine) to your iPhone. The link can then be saved in the Push the Page app where you can view or remove later.

A nice feature is if the URL is to a Google Map, the actual map is ready to use through the iPhone map app. Push the Page isn’t an offline reader though, it is giving you quick access on your iPhone to a URL you were looking at on your desktop. If you are curious about having to use your Google account, visit the developer’s FAQ here.