With my taking of so many images with my iPhone camera, I rarely wait till I can sync to my desktop/iPhoto to gain access to those images. My normal method of moving the images off of my iPhone is via DropBox. Using the free DropBox app, I choose each image in my iPhone’s photo area and move them to the cloud. Sadly, this does take a little time since it is an image at a time.

A new app I found, DropPhox, gets me a lot closer to getting rid of the need to hook up my iPhone via a cable to move a lot of images without extra effort. DropPhox has as many good features as it does have limitations. It works with images taken through the app, it acts as a replacement to the iPhone camera app. It does not work with images in the iPhone’s photo area.

Once you set up the DropPhox with your DropBox login, any images you take with the app will automatically sync up to a folder on your free DropBox cloud location. Initially, the folder is called DropPhox but you can change that later.