There are many special effects I can do with the iPhone camera to produce fun images. Most of the effects are via apps that alter the image later. I have mentioned Hipstamatic that take the image from the start as a variety of old style cameras.

There has been a iPhone camera tweak missing from the many apps I have tried. Allowing me to hold the lens ‘open’ for longer so I can get the feeling of movement. A couple evening ago, a friend mentioned I should try Slow Shutter Cam. He was right, this does just what I need. Well… wanted to play with.

From the image taking screen, Slow Shutter Cam offers several quick adjustment options for tuning the particular shot your taking. Setting the length of time the ‘shutter’ will be open and what triggers the open/closing are both a tap away. You may want to consider looking at a few tripod mount options if your planning on going for a really long shutter opening time: The GLIF has arrived, iPhone is on the Tripod! and Tripod mounting the iPhone 4 .

The settings area allows for turning features on and off like how Slow Shutter Cam focuses. You can turn on/off the screen tap focus as well allow the whole screen to be used for the focus length. Self-timer is a nice feature if you want to be part of the action.

With Slow Shutter Cam on the iPhone, images doesn’t always have to be about things moving. You can move the iPhone camera too while taking the image for many fun effects. The trick is being smooth so I like the fact that you are given the chance to save the image or not… give me time to make several attempts at the final image.

From the developer:

– iOS 4.2 required for full resolution on iPhone 4
– Full resolution not supported on iPhone 3G