Flat is the New Thin

Yes, my iPhone 4 was waiting on my doorstep when I came home from the office. And yes, it really is that cool. As much as I tried, I can’t get a good enough picture of the screen to show just how much nicer the 4 is over the 3GS. They just look like one is out of focus compared to the other… guess that tells it all.

The other item that has been getting folks talking is the thickness.

The iPhone 4 takes us back to the original iPhone, flat on front and back. When the first iPhone was released, people said they felt like they had to hold it in their finger tips to use it as a phone. The curved back of the 3G and 3GS had a curved back that made it rest in the palm of your hand better. The outer edges where tapered just right so that those iPhones felt and looked very thin without actually being so very thin.

The iPhone 4 is truly, that thin! The outer edge metal holding the flat glass front/back faces makes the phone easy to hold. Right off, reaching into my pocket, I found myself feeling for the ‘home’ button as I pulled phone out to know which side I should look at. Instead of the previous model which I used the curve as a reference.

In this image, iPhone 3GS (left) and iPhone 4 are face down, you can see how the curved back actually added a lot of thickness to the previous model that you wouldn’t have noticed unless compared to the new version.

The above image shows a bit of a rise of the curved back over the thin flat back side of the new iPhone. Flip the two iPhones over so that they are on their back and you can see how the new iPhone is very much thinner. The curved edges of the last year’s model does a very good job at hiding just how thick the 3Gs was over the new 4.

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