Rumors fly that the 23rd is the actual delivery date

Folks all over are saying they believe they will be getting their iPhone 4 on the 23rd instead of the 24th as the site said when they ordered online. Are dates on the site actually ‘deliver by’ dates? We have seen that Apple has changed their dates from June 24th to July 2nd to July 14th for orders coming in. Our thought was that this has more to do with how many phones and the support that has to go with them versus how many are made or being made. Apple gets the sale made either way but they can push the units out at their support level rate rather than too many and effecting the user experience.

Personally, my phone is sitting in Alaska right now, so it ‘could’ be down here by tomorrow for delivery.

As well, I received the email stating the 23rd as the day of delivery rather than the 24th. Not a email saying it is running faster than plan, just the date. If this is an automated email, the system wouldn’t know about a deal between Apple and FedEx to sit on the iPhone locally till the promised 24th.

If they do deliver the phones to houses a day early, can you imagine the lines at the Apple Stores on the 24th? There would be folks talking about their new iPhone 4’s on the net all night driving more call to action to buy. Think Apple is so smart they planned this whole thing?

Update: From a MacRumors Post, it appears some folks are getting their phones today!

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