A Corkboard just appeared on my iPhone

Now that we have the ability for our iPhones and iPads to sync over nigh via Wifi to our desktop iTunes, we wake to find things different in the morning. If an app was on the iPad, it auto updates and is now a universal app, it will auto install onto your iPhone. Fun to find out about new application features that way but can surprise a person when a empty spot in the iPhone’s launch is suddenly filled.

As is the case with Corkulous from Appigo. They have updated the app recently to Universal so now all the cork board fun I was having on the iPad can be shared with my iPhone. Made extra simple as the updated included support to store/sync through DropBox and iCloud.

Appigo calles Corkulous a ‘idea board’. You can set up multiple boards, each of which can have Sticky Notes, Labels, Photos, Contacts, Task Lists, Index Cards, and Arrow Flags. All of which can be placed, edited and moved around as ideas are created and changed.

Two finger pinch/expand and drag/drop works to zoom into spots and move about the screen. Corkulous has a fun interface with it’s file cabinet of options to put on the board. Just tap the drawer, and drag to the board what you want to add. Cork boards don’t have to just be a way to save ideas, they are fun to use to make family photo/note boards too.

There is a lot of adjustments that can be made to the actual Corkulous note cards/sticky text too. Double tap a note item to change justification, font, background color and of course the actual text. Dragging the lower right corner allows the box to be resized as well.

Finally, comes sharing. For moving the Corkulous boards between my devices, I use DropBox. There are many options to share out to others too. Emailing a board can be done as a image or PDF, as well you can save a image copy to your iPhone’s photo library.