Your HalfTone iPhone images now with cartoon talk

Some folks will be more excited about this than others. Most likely, those that grew up with the campy Batman TV series. When Batman or Robin hit someone, you never saw the contact. Instead, there was a text splash that said ‘Pow’ or ‘Bam’ and the like.

And, comics in the newspapers have always had the ‘Arrrggh!’ when folks are in trouble.

The iPhone photo app HalfTone has added these talking bits to their feature list. Now, when you take an image and convert it to a half tone image (making it look like it would if printed in a newspaper), you can also add any of a list of 21 stamps.

These HalfTone stamps can be freely placed on the image or inside of a speaking bubble or star-burst.

The new ‘action text’ isn’t the only new feature included in this update. From the HalfTone developers:

+ Ability to customize stamp colors
+ Two new licensed fonts, Alter Ego, and Billy the Flying Robot (user request)
+ New fonts include European characters (big user request)
+ Added TwitPic option for image upload (user request)
+ Completely new halftone generation engine
+ Improved “pucker” (pointy) balloon shape
+ New dot gain setting (user request for halftone geeks)
+ Added ability to choose a smaller dot size (user request)
+ Added instruction screens for first-time feature use
+ Ability to reset to original settings