The folks from Instagram rolled out an update today… a few features I am already finding useful.

Two items that jump to the top of the list for me is the new ‘grid’ view when you go to someone’s area of photos. You can see at the top of the screen shot below that you can choose between the classic list and the new grid view of the pictures.

As well, a person can have a 150 character ‘bio’ that can show on this same ‘Profile’ page. Most folks I follow don’t have bios to show yet but this will be an area people will most likely be putting their site addresses in. Hope it is used for ‘more info’ like the bio line in Twitter.

While in the Instagram Profile area, there is a new option to use the image from Facebook or Twitter.

‘Bernard’ below isn’t me, just someone I enjoy following with his pics from all over the place. And, his dog shares a name with my pup!


Instagram’s Push notification has been expanded: “You can now choose to receive like and comment notifications from everyone or only from the people you follow. Note that Push Notifications for Instagram must be turned ON in the Settings app for these additional settings to work

From Instagram’s site:

More clear when geotagging is turned on: In addition to the green map marker, “Geotagged” will appear in the Where? field if location is turned on. This means that the lat/long of your current location will be tagged with the photo. Just tap the green map marker to turn off geotagging.