Several dictionary apps for the iPhone will give you a Word of the Day. Other apps are offering just Word of the Day around specific subjects, language or database. Vocabology is a free iPhone app that gives you more options in one app for what words you will be getting. The list includes: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French,, Wiktionary and Merriam Webster.

Launching Vocabology, your given the list of all of the Words for the day. Just scroll up/down to find that you want. Setting the order the list shows on launch is allowed through theĀ  button in the upper right corner.

Choose any word to bring up the description of the word. If there is an audio clip of the word being said, it will appear on this screen, just tap to listen. You do not need to go back to Vocabology’s list of words to see the next word, just swipe the page up/down.

As you can see above, Vocabology is supported through ads. I didn’t see a way to upgrade to get rid of them so for now the app is free with annoying ads on every word description page.

There is a ‘History’ option to go back to your previous viewed words. As well, you have the option of Vocabology giving you a timed quiz to see how well your doing at remember the words you have been viewing daily.