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Using your iPhone to ‘scan’ and create your family tree

I have mentioned before how much I dislike apps that claim to be ‘scanner’ apps when they are actually photograph apps with some level of image clean up. As I use my iPhone to take pictures of documents and whiteboards more and more, I am less excited about the use of the term. It really isn’t ‘scanning’ but it ‘is’ replacing the need for a scanner so…

An app I found today, 1000memories, takes that scanning and puts a use to it beyond my work day. Basically, they offer a free app that you take pictures of your family photos with. You can then tune the image a bit with telling the app where the corners are, etc… so you get a relatively ‘scanned’ like image.

When you save the image, it goes to your iPhone’s photo album and up to your page on 1000memories. While your able to view the images, family members, and keywords on your iPhone… the maximum punch comes from going to the actual site and joining all the images into a family tree. Others can add images and link to your tree so it becomes a family experience. When you upload images from the iPhone and on the site, you can add text to them for your memories or others to enjoy.



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