There is this guy named Kevin… he used to be on TechTV, and he started… then he went on to get some folks together to start a company called Milk. Well, Milk just released their first app, Oink!.

Oink is the iPhone app to connect folks sharing things they enjoy. While Instagram is for sharing photos and FoodSpotting┬áis for sharing food dishes, Oink is for sharing ‘everything’. Their ‘gamification’ reward is a ‘Cred’ ranking as your the specialist on a subject.

You choose the areas you feel you know something about, then start reviewing those items with images and comments.

When you download Oink, you have to create a login which ‘requests’ access. The system will send you an email when it’s ready for you to join the fun. With most ‘social’ system, unless you have friends using it, your talking to yourself. To start, usually only big names are the ones showing up in the list of reviews, and they really have no interest in follow you (that is if your the person on the street). As the app and service gains your friends, family and people of interest, it will become more and more useful.

To get things more usable day 1, Oink does show you what is near you and reviews posted by others you don’t know so building your list of people with Cred in the areas of your interest can grow faster. Who knows, you may share a passion with someone just around the corner that will be equally interested in your reviews too. Go in to have fun, and let it grow from there!