Self Check Out at Apple Stores – Easy Pay on your iPhone

There was talk mid year about the Easy Pay system that Apple developed being on the employee iPod Touch units. Today’s Apple Store app for the iPhone (free) now has ‘Easy Pay’ built in.

The feature is not for you to use to accept money from other people. Instead, it allows you to ‘self checkout’ inside of Apple stores. The software is for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s and supports most accessories not he shelves. It isn’t for a major purchase like a computer or AppleTV. Although, those are covered by using the ‘Personal Pickup’ option where you pay via the Apple Store App then pick up the hardware that day, some items within the hour.

For the Self Checkout Easy Pay, when you find a item you wish to purchase, the iPhone’s camera acts as a bar code scanner. You scan, pay, and revive a electronic receipt within the app. You done! No more searching for a blue shirt to take your money. If you want a bag, you can go to one of the store employees and show them the receipt on the iPhone’s screen and they will give you one.

The scanning of a product isn’t showing up on the iPhone as I sit here at the office. Being a location aware app (it knows when I get to the store to let me know I’m in line for a Genius), the ability most likely will appear when needed. For now though, under the ‘More’ button is receipts for past purchases.