I’m a big fan of Wikipedia, jumping there for an overview of about any subject. It’s a great example of people helping others. People constantly updating with new information as it’s happening.

The information is very handy for big information subjects but not the place to ask a question. If you believe the rumors, Apple might be adding voice control Siri to the new iPhone 5. A service that you can ask a question of and the service will answer back. It will be great for ‘Where is the new movie XYZ playing near me?”

A Web site offering a different kind of question/answers is Quora. The site, and now iPhone app, is not about article posts. It is more about asking questions which people you don’t know answer. It’s the missing part of the two other services Wikipedia and Siri. They both give you information you need when it comes to general information. If you want more of a personal touch, ask the free Quora app. I’ve been helping folks with their questions in F1, Photography, iPad and iPhones.

You can choose subjects your interested in too. The questions/answers in those areas will appear in the ‘Home’ area of Quora. It’s a bit like bouncing around the Web though since you will find interesting questions people have answered, which you will want to read through which will lead you to other question/answers… then you notice an hour has gone by as you jump from post to post.

So, Quora on the iPhone lets you see questions in subject areas and you can ask questions for others to answer. You can also look for subjects and questions Nearby to you.

Choosing In-N-Out Burger, you will see the 26 questions people have asked. Notice that 2505 folks have added In-N-Out Burger as one of the subjects they are specifically watching Quora for questions/answers about.

Choose a question to see the answers. Of course, to make Quora really work, it helps if you answer a question or two to help others.