Remember the iPhone photo app Hipstamatic? An app that attempts to give the experience of an older simple camera. Where there was no fine tuning options of the digital cameras of today. Instead you matched the camera lens, film and flash… what you had is all you got. So, images where simple with hot spots, bits of blur and areas of different contrast since there was no perfection. These photos are sought after now since they capture a different look of a moment in time.

The Hipstamatic app offers several lenses, film types and flashes to use. You choose which of each to use. The viewfinder doesn’t show those effects applied. After you snap the picture, the process happens and you get what you get. Maybe something unusable for a print ad, maybe something that has pulled out a look you had not expected.

The recent update to Hipstamatic has a new method for managing the iPhone4 flash between software and hardware. As well, a new limited edition package available for in-app purchase. Called Wicker Park, the pack includes the Lucas AB2 lens, Jolly Rainbo 2X flash and even a ‘Damen’ camera case.