I’m not a ‘big’ case user. Unless it’s a specialty case that enhances the iPhone with features to the phone it’s self, I usually pass by. The Griffin Survivor and Morphie Power cases are great examples of ‘enhancement’ cases. Others usually are just adding bulk for a unique look that I could do with a simple skin.

iSkin seems to have taken a look at the fine line between useful, unique and protection. I found two cases on their site that fill the needs of my iPhone without adding un-necessary bulk.

First is the Aura. It isn’t actually a single case, but a series of cases. “Featuring a discreet polycarbonate design that’s finished with a luxurious brushed aircraft-grade aluminum for a durable, yet amazingly thin design.” Which translates to, it is very thin, wraps around, looks nice if you like the brushed metal look (that is me) and you can still use a dock without removing the case (without having to remove part of the case).

The second case is the Revo… Version 4. It is more about being colorful and heavy duty protection for the iPhone 4 and 4s. The cases wrap around to protect the corner drop bounce. As well, the Revo4 protects the ports and buttons, with a door for the sync cable. “The revo4 and revo4 SE offer outstanding protection against drops and other hazards. Thoughtfully designed features such as an integrated charging port cover, covered home, volume and power buttons make the revo series the highly protective option.”

The revo4 SE version of the revo4 offers a redesigned tinted screen “ViSORâ„¢” that features a unique touch-friendly zone which lets users answer and terminate calls without having to remove the cover first.