Unique iPhone Task Manager, built just for your finger

Most task managers for the iPhone are just electronic representations of their paper/pen counterparts. You create a item on a line with a checkbox next to it. Electronic versions usually make it much easier to sort and add a due date than writing and rewriting on paper. But, to make the experience familiar, the general look and feel hasn’t changed between the note paper and your iPhone screen.

HQ: To Do has made an attempt at having your To Do lists make better use of the capabilities of the iPhone. Where you navigate and get through your day all with your finger. Large, colorful buttons, where sliding causes an action rather than tapping check boxes.

Creating projects and tasks within the project is done quickly through buttons by the same name. Fine tune the tasks with due dates, priority, color coding and even add a note:

Viewing the list of Task items isn’t just a list of text which requires each one being read. HQ: To Do Project list shows the different color and priority to know what you need to do first without having the read the whole list every time. To change a item, just slide it to the right to expose Done, Edit, Delete.

HQ: To Do is working well for personal and smaller To Do lists. Sadly, the current version doesn’t support multiple people working a single list and there is not cloud storage/share. The developer has specifically called those items out as being part of a future version.