Pinning goes mobile, Pinterest on the iPhone

Yes, you can take your pinning fun with you when you leave the house. You can keep up with your friend’s pins, look through subject groups, see who is following your pins and like/share what others have posted. Pinterest is on the go if you have your iPhone with you.

Pinterest is one of those fad fun services that you either really get into or don’t understand why anyone would. I have a tendency to share out fun pics I find when looking around on the web since it seems more natural there than on other social media services. Instagram is really for photos I shoot and Facebook/Twitter just gets cluttered if everyone starts toss up images they just enjoyed in through daily browsing. Pinterest is also a pretty good way to pin a picture to remind you of an article you may want to go back and read later since a link to the site is included.

On the iPhone version of Pinterest, you have all the usual areas at your finger tips. Launching the Free app starts you off with the Following group. Which is a scrollable photo list of your and the people you follow pictures. There is also the ‘Activity’ button more to the right to view who is following you as well if any of your images where liked, pinned or commented on.

The Pinterest app’s ‘Explore’ button takes you to a list of areas of interest that you can choose and view images within.

Choosing a topic takes you to a scrollable window of images in that group. The view is similar if you choose someone you are following.

Choosing a picture from one of the ‘Explore’ groups or from one of the folks you follow has the usual ‘Like’ and ‘Repin’ options. To add your own photos, use the center bottom camera button to take a picture or use one in your iPhone’s photo library. Currently, there is not way to pin a photo from your iPhone’s browser outside of the Pinterest app.

Of course the Pinterest app lets you get to you profile to see your boards, pins, likes, followers, following and the actual photos you posted.