I have been using the Google app on the iPhone for a variety of things. Voice searching as well quick access to my other Google services. It is an app that gets you to the many features Google can provide you, but it does require access to the Internet.

Today’s release of Google adds a feature to Google Goggles. You may remember ‘Goggles’ for being able to scan any image you take to tell you what it is an image is, price look up and availability searches. Added to that list of results from a image scan, solving any Sudoku puzzle. Serious, it fills in all the number squares for you!

Of course, you can still grab an app of Sudoku puzzles to play on your iOS device like the +SUDOKU app. If you want to play online with your Web browser, jump over to websudoku.com .

Back to the Google Mobile App! This app will run on your iPhone or iPad, but for Goggle features you will need a camera. Launch the app and choose the camera, snap a picture of a Sudoku puzzle that is over challenging you:

Google will automatically scan the image to see what it can recognize:

You will then be presented with a list of options that Google has figured out. You will notice how the image is divided by the color boxes related to the part the Google app understood. Tap the top ‘Sudoku’ option:

Since you could be looking for more than just solving a puzzle when you chose ‘Sudoku’ above, the Google app gives you a list of sites that fill that search, as well a new ‘Solve’ button.

If you chose the ‘Solve’ button, you will get the image of the Sudoku puzzle which Google Goggles has filled in the answers for you.