I have covered a few fun little stands for the iPhone over the years. Most recently, the Glif. Most of the new ‘simple’ stands work for the iPhone 4 only as they require the square edge of the new hardware over the curved edge of the 3 model line.

Several months ago I picked up a stand for my iPad from the folks at MoviePeg. They offered a super simple injected plastic that fit over the edge of the iPad to hold at a wide variety of angles.

Today, my mail box offered up MoviePeg’s latest offering, stands for the iPhone 4. Very similar to the iPad model, but much smaller and in a nice group of available colors.

Moving the Movie-Peg stand up/down the iPhone 4 quickly changes the angle for best viewing of the screen. While most people use a stand on their iPhone to watch movies, I find it very handy in meetings so I can see my notes or clock at a glance.

The ‘stand’ has little mushroom cuts towards the inner edge of the opening that goes around the iPhone. My first thought was that this was for if you had a case. It is actually to allow for the opening to be opened a bit further to go around an iPhone that may have a skin on it. Making sure you don’t damage your iPhone vinyl skin through too rigid of plastic.

The simplicity of the Movie-Peg stand allows it to be used in both landscape and portrait views. While the stand is thicker than I would think it needs to be, the thickness works great at stabilizing the phone and still fits easily in your pocket.

Like I mentioned above, you can buy the stands as a single or a group of colors.

Even the little boxes the stands come in are fun. Talk about a great little gift!