You may recall a fun photo touch up app I went through not long ago called ‘ToonPaint‘. It allows you to convert an image to line drawing and then color in areas.

Today I would like to cover ToonCamera, a new (to me) app that lets you take pictures and movies which are then changed to color or line cartoon like art. This is at the image level, this is not an app for laying out comic pages or text balloons. Below is a simple image that was auto converted to what looks like a cartoon drawn image.

The options alone the bottom of the screen of ToonCamera: Color/Line, Line thickness, camera/video, flash and camera being used.

When you tap the paint brush icon on the lower right corner, it changes to a pencil and the image goes from a color photo like image to a line drawing.

The wavy line image next to the pencil will change the cartoon line thickness. The keyboard/pen image I chose for this example isn’t the best for showing why you would want to do this effect. When used with faces, the line thickness can make some features pop more.

Tap the curl arrow to move from taking pictures to applying the cartoon effect to images you have saved in your iPhone’s Photo area. Applying the effect is done to a copy of the image so the original is safe.

Tap the curl arrow in the center to go to the next option, video recording. ToonCamera will record in the color or line art. Imagine making your own Scanner Darkly like movie with your iPhone.

The last icon on the right is actually a back of a head. It is representing the camera pointing away from you. Tapping will change the icon to a face and flip to using the camera that is facing the user. Which is a great way to create a cartoon self image – use as your Facebook or Twitter image.

You can change from one image effect to another without impacting the original image. When done, you can save the ToonCamera image to your iPhone Photos area or share out via email, Facebook and Twitter.