In my day job, I work with a small team that maintain many blogs on a large number of subjects. This site is my ‘fun’ side project for helping other iPhone and Touch owners that I do unrelated to ‘work’.

I carry a notebook computer with me for site set up, network interfacing and more advanced design work. Beyond that, once a person gets used to working on a screen that fits into your hand, you can get things done in the slow parts of your day. Oh, and a game on the iPhone to have fun during slow times is fine too… I’ll cover those in another post. I will also do a much deeper dive into each application listed in this post in the near future – here I will do a high level usage description for each. The images/screenshots are from the developers since mine would show actual sites and work load that I shouldn’t be showing everyone. Also, I have linked all of the applications so you can see the developer’s full description, clicking on the links will launch your iTunes and connect to Apple.