Ready for the craziness they call Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Asside from long lines, there are other deals to be had if you know where and when.

Nice that there is a free iPhone app for that, The Dealmap. As the name implies, this is an app that will tell you what deals are around you, the particulars of that deal which you can share with others if you like. There… you have the full story, now let’s deep dive a bit more.

Starting the app up, let it find you and you will quickly get a map with drop pins of discounts all around you. Tap a pin to get the Business name and a brief on what the deal is. Tap that result to drill into more details on the business and discount particulars.

The map is nice but sometimes your looking for a name rather than a spot around you. Just choose the ‘List’ button in the upper right corner to jump to a scrollable alphabetized list. Tapping any of the items drills down to more detail like the map view does.

The Dealmap app shows you more than just what discount you can expect. You can also see the particulars on the deal and who posted it to the service. The address and phone number, as well the very important thumbs rating from others. Don’t forget to tap one of those thumbs when you get a discount so others can see if it is as good as it appears!