Stuff for the Verizon iPhone 4

If you own an iPhone now and are switching to Verizon, your email inbox most likely was full of emails this morning about the ‘stuff’ you can get for the Verizon iPhone available. While most of them have been app information, this is one that hit with me. I have skins on my iPhone, notebook, Wii… anything that doesn’t get out of my way, I have personalized. While it is fun, the skins do a nice job of protecting the big flat surfaces against scratches which is nice when the new hardware comes out and I want to sell to buy ‘new’.

New Verizon iPhone 4 Skins

For me, I’m sticking with AT&T since their coverage is better than Verizon for the areas I travel. Not so say that will always be the case, but at least for today I don’t have to go get in line. For those of you who are grabbing your Verizon version of the iPhone, be safe in the cold weather!!