I’m sure you have seen the app on the iPhone commercial called Shazam. All you do is launch the app and have it listen to a little bit of a song your listening to, it will return what the song is and what album it is on. Shazam allows you to share your find out with your friends and buy from multiple sources.

IntoNow for the iPhone is doing the same thing for your TV watching. Just launch the app, have it listen to a little bit of a movie and it will tell you what movie your watching, what channel, link out to IMDB and lets you share your find out through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

After you install the free app IntoNow, you can do a couple limited quick samples to see it actually work, then if you like what you see your encouraged to sign up for a free account. Having an account expands what you can see and do with the app.

Checking in what was on TV, the quick audio snapshot produced what the show was, a synopsis, the channel, a list of other IntoNow users that are watching the show and a link out to get more information.

The IMDb button takes you directly to the IMDb web site still within the IntoNow app so your not bouncing in and out of the app to the iPhone browser. Depending on the show, there can also be Netflix and iTunes buttons.

If your curious about what others are watching, select the “Activity” button. There you can view history of your IntoNow Friends shows as well an overview of what everyone on IntoNow is watching. Tap a person to see more on their viewing habits.

If your looking for a particular show or show type, tap the ‘Discover’ option to see an overview of TV shows. A spin wheel chooser narrows your search by category.

The ‘Popular’ option allows you to how many IntoNow people are watching any particular show. If you want more info on the show, just select it.

Anytime a person is chosen to view, you are presented with information on that person’s viewing history. Of course, this is just what IntoNow is aware of but it does make for an interesting check on what you may have missed and need to see when it’s playing again. Friending here or through Facebook and Twitter will allow you to be more social with your watching.

I liked the feature where if you checked in on a show to find out what it was, you are able to ‘delete the match’ so that bit of history is removed from your ‘watched’ list. Just in case you where flipping channels and had IntoNow help tell you what the show was… and it wasn’t what you had thought it was going to be. Ewwww….