I saw an ad for the Griffin Survivor case and thought that the case looked like it could really take a beating.

Then, looking around I found they had some pretty impressive numbers for dropping, rain, vibration and sand.

Looking at the specs, you would think that this may be one of the toughest iPhone 4 cases… but what about the iPhone 4 inside of the case. Looking around a bit more, I found this video… the Griffin group put their Survivor case through some fun tests… ready for a chuckle?

Griffin has you covered if your not ready for a camo green or black case, when I went to the Griffin Survivor page, they offer the case in white and pink too.

While I have never considered a heavy duty case, this one looks like one I have to try. They pulled me in with their video. I went for the black one… will do my own review when it gets here.