More precision tuning of Tilt Shift photos on the iPhone

Tilt Shift is a feature that many, like me, use to make a part of an image stand out. Normal Tilt Shift apps offer a circle or straight line that you can apply to an image, keeping that area in focus and everything else goes blurry. With some pictures, when you look at tilt shift enhanced image, your mind tells you that there is a big difference in distance since you can only focus on one spot. Most people use the effect to make an image look like a little toy land. All fun…

While many of the apps keep tuning their apps to make the circle or line area transition between in-focus and blurred areas, it’s still a circle or straight area. So you get a person in focus along with a bit of the background that shouldn’t be if the image was taken with a limited focus range.

This morning I found Finger Focus. The iPhone app gives you the ability to ‘color’ in the area you want in focus and everything else blurs. This is great news where you want to focus on something with a shape that doesn’t fit in a exact circle or lined area. Just the object will be in focus. That can be something you want to call attention to.

Finger Focus also offers the tuning of the area your leaving in focus. Adjust the size of the area your finger is effecting, the level of background blur and the transition area between the in/out of focus areas. Undo is a nice addition too.

When done, share your Finger Focus creation via twitter or through an email.