It’s no secret that I play a lot with images beyond the original snapshot. Most apps I use are on the robust side to tune and tweak. Of course there is a huge variety of apps that are on the light side, specializing in doing one thing.

The user interfaces of these free apps are not quite at the professional level, the flow may not be as expected and there are usually no settings to adjust. They do what they claim without confusion.

Be ready though… free and light apps carry screens to click through where your encouraged to view and purchase the developer’s other apps. Also, usually the apps will generally have ads in them which you can in-app purchase to hide.

An example of these apps was stumbled on from an image I saw on Instagram. The app, WaterMyPhoto, adds a water reflection onto any photo you choose from your iPhone library or take within the app. Upon launching, you choose an image to apply the effect to. The only option is to move the photo around and crop.

You would normally use a image with no water and no reflection like a mountain or a building image. I chose a island image I had with water already as I thought it was a good comparison between reality and what WaterMyPhoto produces. Actually, the result if very nice. When your ready to have the effect applied, tap the Done Editing. Nothing to adjust other than the first step when you crop.

Step 3 is where you share your work. All the usual share options are available, including emailing and saving to your iPhone’s library. If you want to work on another image, try tapping and swiping on the ‘Step 2’ at the top. No certain which worked… like I said, not intuitive but WaterMyPhoto does exactly what it claims which makes it handy for those times you need a water reflection.