Hidden in amongst all the news about the iOS5 release was a new app from Apple for the iPhone. The Card app is a free print card creator solution that is just right for those times you need to get a card sent to someone and no time to hit the store. Since it uses the images you have in your iPhone’s photo library, your cards are personalized to you and the folks you send the card to.

The Card app is simple to use and does just what it is supposed to do, allow you to put an image and text onto a card which Apple will print and mail for you (for a charge).

Sweep through the options of card templates, either by ‘All’ or be individual groups like Travel, Love, Thank You, Baby and more…

About the only think that isn’t editable on the cards is the frill art and borders. All of the text can be clicked to edit and images replaced with ones from your iPhone’s photo library. If you don’t like the template you chose, click the ‘Back’ button and start over.

Apple’s Card app allows you to edit the front of the card and the text inside.

When your done editing, choose the Envelope to add your return address and the ‘to’ address. Then, you just tap the $2.99 to complete the transaction with Apple. Similar to using the desktop iPhoto app to create and have Apple print/send greetings cards, these are similar in quality paper and printing.

Two items worth mentioning. All of the cards you create in the Card app can be retrieved later to send again or create a copy to tune and send to someone else. This saves a lot of time if you have a generic card your using for work or party invites. The second item is $2.99 is before your local taxes are added.