I have mentioned playing the augmented reality game ARDefender on my iPhone before. If you have yet to do anything ‘Augmented Reality’ on the iPhone… it’s a whole 3D world where nothing is. You look through the screen of your iPhone to see what you would normally see through the iPhone camera with an added world to do things in. In the case of ARDefender, it’s a tower that has weapons on to use against a large variety of attackers.

A new version of ARDefender has been released that is Universal so you can also play the game with your iPad. And, the update changed the world to a Halloween world. The attackers are many of the evils that go bump in the night… flying bats and pumpkin headed exploding walkers.

In case you didn’t know… if you move further way from the ARDefender play zone surface you will see a bigger play zone. Which means you can see those pumpkin headed guys further off for a better chance to stopping them from destroying your tower.