You can change the icons around to your desire whenever you like. You can change the order, move icons from one screen to another, and change which and how many icons are in the lower section (not more than four).  

You may have noticed that you have more than one screen for icons. You can move from one to another by pressing your finger to the screen and swiping across to the left or right to spin through the screens. There are small white dots along the bottom that shows you which screen of icons your on. The lower row stays the same as you move from screen to screen.

Press your finder tip on any application icon and hold for a few seconds. All of the icons will start to jiggle. In this mode, you can move the icons around as you please by dragging icons to where you want them. If you want to move to another one of the screen, just move the icon to the side of the screen line you swishing it off the screen. The window will switch to the next screen, when the icon is where you want it lift your finger off of the icon.


When you done, click the button on the front of your iPhone (the Home button).


A couple items that are important. 


  • When you go into the mode that allows you to move the icons, the system adds blank window to the right of your current screens that you can add icons to. If you don’t use that screen, it will go away when you tap the Home button.
  • You can not have a icon appear in the middle of a screen by it’s self. The system adds icons from the upper left corner across to the right and then the next row, four rows tall. So, you can’t have two icons on one row and then a couple on the next row..
  • The little ‘x’ that appears above an app when your moving is for deleting the app (you can’t delete the apps that Apple preloaded) from your device.