When posting pictures to Instagram, you can post a title, description, location and hashtags. Others can view and like as well they can comment. Sometimes, a comment needs a bit more privacy for the reply rather than blasting out for all to see in the comments area. That is the need that InstaMessage wants to fill. Not to be confused with a like name product that posts text squares rather than photos to your Instagram account, this free solution lets you chat with others you have connected with on Instagram.

With Instagram being part of Facebook now, I expect a similar service to be rolled out by them using the standard FB Messenger app/service. Till then though, you will need to allow InstaMessage to have access to your Instagram account if you want to connect and private chat with your Instagram friends.

From the Friends button in InstaMessage, you will se a list of Instagram contacts that have the app installed, followed by people that do not. Select ‘Chat’ to start a conversation. The  ‘+ Invite’ next to your friends not year using the app can be alerted that your available to chat if they load the app.

Choosing the Chat button will show you a list of Instagramers your chatting with, select one to see your previous conversation and to continue texting. If they have ‘push alerts’ turned on, they will be notified that your reaching out to them even if they don’t have the app launched.

In the profile area of InstaMessage, you can choose to broadcast out to your Instagram friends that your available to chat. Selecting the option will post a image on your photo stream showing your contact info and the app information. Once people have the app installed, they really don’t need to know your name/info since you will appear in their list of friends to chat with.