When the Survivor case from Griffin Technology first came out, I gave it a test similar to what they showed in their promotional videos. I let my (previous) iPhone 4 take a tumble down two flights of stairs which had required some skill as it had to round a corner. Happily, the iPhone was unaffected. So, the case is now what I use when traveling. It definitely adds a bit of bulk to the sleek iPhone design, but I never worry about the device falling out of a cab or drop kicked when running through an airport. Your mileage may vary, but for me it has been a life saver.

Since I was one of the first to publicly play with the case, mine is still the black on black coloring. Some time ago, Griffin Technology started offering a few accent colored versions, adding Pink, Camo and White.

Now, the handcuffs have come off as the site is giving you the power to choose the colors for all three parts of the case. The rubbery ‘bumper’ surface (Silicone wrap), the hard Polycarbonate shell and even the belt clip. I did an attention getter combination here so you can see there are no limits to mixing the colors, meaning there are 100s of combinations possible. Just choose a color for each part’s slider and see the image change in real time. No reason serious protection can be customized!