iPhone simple and awesome notes updated

Two very popular notes apps have been updated with features you will enjoy if your using either of them.

Both apps have strengths and unique user interfaces that make them more usable per how you keep your notes.

SimpleNotes is the free universal app that allows you to write notes, organize into folders and sync through the SimpleNotes cloud service. The ‘simple’ user interface makes it fast to use when you need to jot down a thought or track your lists. There are no todo checkboxes or special features inside notes, SimpleNotes specializes in notes that you need to write, organize and wireless sync to access through other devices (desktop, other mobile devices). To offset the no-charge price of the app, there are iAds which can be turned off for a small fee.

The update info from the developer of SimpleNotes:

New in Version 3.0.5

– fixed bug that could cause syncing to stop working
– fixed bug that forced you to sign out under some circumstances
– fixed bug that could cause recently entered text to duplicate
– fixed tag reordering
– fixed an instance where tags could disappear
– fixed searching on iPad (portrait)
– assorted reliability fixes

The second notes app being updated is Awesome Notes. The app isn’t free or universal but it is very extensive. The user interface for your notes and folders are more like the physical world where you have folders overlapping each other with tabs and colors as well your notepads have many different kinds of papers. While SimpleNotes keeps thing on the simple side, Awesome Notes goes the extreme opposite. Notes can contain images, todo items, and checklists – then viewed as lists, on a pegboard or within a calendar.

Sharing your Awesome Notes can be done between iPhones via their Bluetooth solution. Syncing to the cloud is done either through Evernote or Google, both free services.

The Awesome Note and ToDo app update includes:

New in Version 4.7

– New style editor (Inserting words between pictures, editing in full screen mode)
– Add new folder colors
– Add new note backgrounds
– Fixed bugs