GoGoStand for iPhone 4, Size of a Credit Card till needed

I have covered a few little stands for the iPhone over the years. One that I carry with me a lot is the little Crabble (some folks call it the Bat cause it looks like bat wings) made by Seskimo. The beauty of it is that it lays flat in your wallet till you need it. Sadly, it doesn’t work on the iPhone 4 as it did on the 3/3GS.

Happily, I stumbled on a new stand for the iPhone 4 that folds flat to the size of a Credit Card when not in use. The stand is from GoGoStand and works for all of the iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

The stand comes in a variety of colors: Clear, Dark Blue, Bronze and Purple. I got a variety of colors and must say the colors are hard to tell apart unless in just the right light. Doesn’t really matter though, they work so having my iPhone where I need it is much more important.

Depending on which of the three optional holes you put the tab in is whether the stand works best for Portrait or Landscape view of your iPhone.

Bending up the lower lip to hold the base of the iPhone can be tricky, take your time… bend and crease a bit.

Portrait use of the GoGoStand (great for hands free FaceTime):

Landscape: You can use any of the three options to get the angle that works best in landscape view but only the extreme shown above for portrait works otherwise the iPhone will tip over backwards. I actually use the stand most often in the landscape view and a free clock app running in meetings. If someone had a good auto updating Twitter feed app, I would have that running too.

I will report on wear and tear along the fold lines as I bend to use as a stand then flatten to carry. One would think that plastic will wear through. The GoGoStand is inexpensive enough that even if it wear out after 6 or 8 months, you got your moneys worth.

That said, here is how the one I have been using daily for a week next to a new GoGoStand that has never been bent.