Doing so much photo touch up and ‘socializing’ on my iPhone means I really test the limits of it’s battery. I’m testing, a couple of the Mophie options right now which I’ll review soon.

Meanwhile though, I came across this new option from Griffin that solves a couple iPhone battery challenges. I have tried external batteries before but was presented with issues. The battery would be almost the size of the actual iPhone which not something I wanted in my pocket. Also, charging the units is most often done through a large square wall charger. Finally, very few offer charging in the car which meant carrying a seperate car iPhone charger.

Someone over at Griffin must be haing the same issue since. Looking at their new PowerDuo Reserve AC and Car Charger Plus Rechargeable Backup Battery is offering a positive answer to all of the negatives I mentioned above.

The kit bits can all be purchased seperately, but as a kit there is a pocket size iPhone external battery, a car charger and a wall charger. All of the parts are small without any cables to play with in the car needed.