If you haven’t heard, Google has released their own Social Network solution: Google+ ¬†At this time, the service is by invite only, let me know if you need an invite. The service is a little like all of the services you are already using. There is some fun extras for grouping who you follow into ‘circles’ and ‘huddling’ where you gather groups very quickly for mass texts.

The app version of Google+ for the iPhone (does not work on the iPad) just came out, and it is working very well for me!

Launching Google+ app starts off with a quick access area to the different features you can use on the Web site view.

Social media is most often thought of as the areas of streams of conversations from the folks you follow. Choose the button to gain access to the latest:


Sweeping your finger from side-to-side moves you through the different Google+ streams. Tap any conversation to open a page with just that thread… wish the desktop version did this rather than having to scroll through many comments to get to the next post. I’m not having the issues that Scroble is mentioning in his post below.

Tap the pencil icon in the upper left corner of the screen to create your own post. Like you see with Twitter apps, Google+ app allows you to add your location and pictures to your posts.


The Google+ Photos area has a quick overview of the four areas of the photo groups. The ‘From your circles’ images update automatically as people you follow add images. Tap a box to go to the photo area. Hey, no one has posted up pictures of me!

Choosing the ‘Circle’ icon from the front Launcher page gives you a list of people in alphabetic order. Their Google+ image and the Circle you have them in is included. Searching is available through the upper right corner button, which is pretty important as your list grows.

It is also possible to view people in your Circles separated out by Circle. Tap the icon in the upper right corner to create a new Circle… almost easier than the desktop counterpart.

Even the Google+ app offers a list of folks you may want to follow or not be told about again. I like this better than the way the FB app handles this where they put a suggestion at the top of the Stream I’m viewing.


While I’m typing this post, Google+ posted up a update to the app. Blocking unwanted messages in Huddles will be more useful on my iPhone than I may have been concerned about on my desktop.