Vintage Camera Fans – Hipstamatic updated with sharing

I have mentioned Hipstamatic a few times both for the app’s features as well how other camera apps compare.

Hipstamatic gives the user experience of pairing old film types and a variety of lenses to create iPhone images to resemble vintage cameras. New in this update, 220, Hipstamatic moves from all vintage to sharing across modern social networks.

From the back of the Hipstamatic app, choose the film area in the lower left corner to get to your photographs. Notice the buttons and icons across the bottom to access the new features.

Tapping any image still gives the information about the Hipstamatic lens/film used to create the photo. As well, scrolling down on the right gives the many options to share through social sites, print and emailing.

Hipstamatic 220 update: Family Album: Share your Adventures in Hipstaland
• Create a Shared Album with friends to have instant access to each others HipstaPrints
• Create Magic Albums which automatically fill themselves with HipstaPrints of people, places, and things
• Create Photo Albums of your favorite HipstaPrints

• Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr your Hipstamatic photos at the same time