There was an update to Instagram last night… if you missed it, go grab it now!

The update includes a few behind the scenes fixes and features, like a speed jump that puts it close to the speed Instagram runs on my iPad.

Also, three usability features:

Now you can double tap a picture to ‘like’ it. No more scrolling down to the bottom of the comments people have left for the image to find the little button. In this screen shot, you can see Instagram shows a heart for just a couple seconds to you know it received your ‘like’.

There was a rethink of the ‘comments’ text entry area too. If you enter a ‘@’, then start typing a person’s Instagram name, you will get a list of narrowed options to choose from or just keep typing and the app will auto-complete the name for you.

You will notice Instagram also gives you a view of what others have posted for comments when your typing yours. This makes it much easier to remember who you might be posting a comment in regards to.

Well, I just jumped right in there with my excitement didn’t I? If your wondering what Instagram is… it is a free photo social network where you post your pictures directly from your iPhone/iPad and comment on other people’s photos.