CameraBag update for iPhone includes Italiano

As you have seen before, I use a large variety of processing apps to get the image tuned before sharing it. Generally, there are several steps through several applications to get it just right.

There is the time though that a quick pre-set filter is all I need. I’m more concerned about getting a slight shift and getting it done quickly. This is where the little CameraBag app comes in handy. It’s an app I keep in my first folder of Photo Apps because I know it will get the job done in a snap.

I’ve reviewed it before, today I’m only outlining an update the developers of CameraBag rolled out.

When you launch the app and either snap the photo or import one from your iPhone Photo Library, you can sweep through the provided filters with a swipe of your finger. I generally go to the top pull down and choose one of the filters directly since I know what I’m going after.

A new filter added to CameraBag in this update is Italiano. A fun black & white effect with the addition of highlighting for an ‘older’ effect without making it look like a worn photo.

There is now multi levels of each of the filters, which can be gotten to by double tapping on an image you have a filter applied to. I have yet to see a way to go back if you keep double tapping and decide the previous was the look you where going after. But, like I said, CameraBag is more about get in and out quickly.

Interesting for me is that the simplest can actually make the biggest impact. Not one with filters from CameraBag but also features. One last item they added was the ability to exit the app and return to find the image you where editing as you left it. A huge life save, not sure why more photo apps don’t do this!