Color Social app on the iPhone gets cool with the help of the new Facebook

Two things… I never tried Color before at SXSW or back in the town I worked in. There wasn’t people around that I ‘connected’ with so it was an app that wasn’t giving a very positive experience when I launched it. You can only search for so long to connect to someone… anyone… before you give up.

And… today Facebook made big announcements at the f8 conference. Facebook is going to allow you to see your whole ‘life on Facebook’ history. The also announced ways opened up for systems to feed your daily experiences into Facbook to share with others. Color is tapping that second item so that you get the fun side of Color using information Facebook already had on your and your friends.

There isn’t a link to download the Color app here because it isn’t as it was previously. Now, you can go to their site and you can request an invite to the new beta via Facebook.

Robert Scoble was as f8 today and submitted a bit of video where he interviews Bill Nguyen, founder/CEO of Color about the path forward with Facebook.