Fiverr fans and sellers get an iPhone app

Do you ‘Fiverr’? If you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, visit – where people list things they will make or do for you for $5. As you would expect, there is the ‘not great’ and there are the incredible offers. You have to just look around a bit or search for a specific need you have. Here is an example of one ‘gig’ offering to remove the background of any image.

If you offer services (free to post, the ‘fiverr’ system takes a percent of the sale) on the site, there is a need to know beyond an alert email that you have money waiting for you. Fiverr has delivered an iPhone app that pushes your sales alerts and onĀ  ‘delivered’ alerts on items you have paid for now ready for you.

The app is a bit limited in it’s general view as just a limited view of the actual Web site. But, the push tech is nice for anyone doing buying/selling through the sevice. The ‘Free’ price tag on the Fiverr app is nice too.