Easier photo editing across multiple iPhone apps

Most of my photo editing on the iPhone is done across multiple apps. I am either just cropping, or I’m cropping, filtering, highlighting, adding… and the list goes on. As most of your know, I like to play a lot with my images to see how I can take one image and tell two different stories.

What this means is that I end up with a iPhone Photo Library with many copies of the same image. I open an image in an app, edit it, save it to the Library, then open that image in another app, edit it, and save it…

ColorSplash noted in their most recent update that they were supporting the cross app movement of edited images. You may know ColorSplash as the app that allows you to convert areas of an image either to black and white or to limit the area of color.

With the new feature, instead of saving to the iPhone Library, you can now share the image creation directly to another photo enhancement app. Through the normal save area, choose the ‘Send to app’ option.

Not all photo apps on the iPhone support having a photo sent to it directly without having to save off to the iPhone Library. On my device, ColorSplash shows me which apps I have loaded that I can send the photo directly to. Just choose one and the app launches with the image loaded and ready to edit. Over time we should see more and more of the iPhone Photo apps adding the feature so we can work quickly and produce less digital waste.